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Our Plan 360 Process

At Enerlogix, we strive to offer energy management without all the complications. That’s why we developed Plan 360 — a program that streamlines the experience using our first-to-market knowledge of Mexico’s deregulated energy market.

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To know what you can optimize you have to know your energy profile. By assessing your current energy usage, we can identify opportunities to lower your costs and mitigate volatility associated with today’s ever-changing energy market.


Once you’ve selected a new energy provider, Enerlogix will manage all aspects of setting up and managing your service, including verifying and fulfilling invoices. We’ll also provide you with regular insights into the deregulated energy market, conduct routine price-risk assessments and conduct an annual review of your energy usage compared to your budget.


Once you’ve selected a new retail energy provider, Enerlogix will manage all aspects relating to your transition into Mexico’s Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) . Once you transition to the MEM, we’ll also provide Utility Data Management Services (UDM), monthly invoice audits, quarterly and annual reports, as well as regular market insights, and will conduct an annual review of your energy costs compared to your budget.

Why Enerlogix?

Enerlogix provides energy management solutions driven by savings and sustainability. As first-movers in Mexico’s deregulated market, we’ve acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to identify and capitalize on cost control opportunities.

Through Plan 360, we apply our market expertise to all phases of the energy management process. Enerlogix works to understand your business, match you with the right provider and develop an effective energy optimization strategy.

Market Intelligence Icon Market Intelligence

Enerlogix combines intricate knowledge of the deregulated market with deep data analysis.

Cost Control Icon Cost Control

Get the best deal on reliable energy along with strategies to reduce your energy consumption.


Reach critical sustainability milestones and position your company for future ESG/GHG

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