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Qualified User Registration

Qualified User Registration

Qualified Users were once Basic Service Users whose peak demand and voltage level allows and/or obligates them to participate in Mexico´s deregulated electricity market (MEM). 

To become a Qualified User, Basic Service users must be certified by CRE (Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission). Achieving Qualified User status may take between six to eight months

1 Qualified User Criteria

To participate in the MEM, load centers must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must have a minimum peak demand of 1MW
  • Must operate on either medium or high voltage
  • If minimum peak demand threshold is not met, aggregation of multiple load centers is possible; however, each load center must have a minimum peak demand of 25 kW, and all load centers to be aggregated must belong to the same legal/business entity. If the legal entity differs, each legal entity must share the majority shareholder.  
  • When sharing a substation, all load centers connected to the substation must migrate to the MEM, and all must contract with the same retailer.

2 Current Number of Qualified Users

According to the list published by CRE in April 2022, there are 661 Qualified Users in Mexico. The previous list published in 2020 showed 339; therefore, in the past several years the number of Basic Service Users becoming Qualified Users has increased by 228, allowing them access to the deregulated electricity market.

3 Seasoned Experience

Enerlogix clients were amongst the first Qualified Users in the MEM, with our team working to help carry out Qualified User registrations on their behalf.  

With this ample experience, Enerlogix has obtained Qualified User status for approximately 100 load centers in Mexico. In fact, Enerlogix has achieved more Qualified User registrations than any other consultant or broker in Mexico and several of the Qualified User retailers in the MEM. If you have questions about Qualified User registration, call us today.

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