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Director of Technical Analytics César González

Cesar has developed a career path since he joined the Enerlogix team in August 2015, currently serving as Director of Technical Analytics. Cesar coordinates and validates various analyses and reports designed to help understand and evaluate the performance of our clients’ qualified supply. He is responsible for the consulting and development projects; some of which require specialized analytics training and are tailored to the needs of each client. Cesar provides support in the acquisition and architecture of data employed for market and customer analytics used for tactical and strategic decision making.

Prior to Enerlogix, Cesar served for a year as a Product Analyst in Cadillac Jack, a former company in the gambling industry. He studied, optimized, and analyzed the performance of reel-based slot machine software and hardware rolled-out in more than 120 casinos in Mexico. Such analytics were intended to support commercial, marketing, finance and legal departments.

Cesar joined Ericsson in 2013 as an Operations Analyst for Radio Area Network in North America. He tracked the performance of Radio Area Network on different implementation stages and integration of the network roll-out process for nationwide and regional wireless network operators in North America. This report-generated focused on the personnel productivity and the financials of the implementation.

Cesar majored in economics at Universidad Regiomontana. Obtained a specialization degree in Banking and Finance in Spain at Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, affiliated to Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Manager of Utility Data Management (UDM) Ivan Ramirez

Ivan joined Enerlogix as a Senior Data Analyst in 2018. Currently, Ivan manages the UDM team. As a UDM Manager, Ivan holds several responsibilities. His main activities include the correct implementation and management of data for analysis. KPI follow-ups, commercial offer evaluation assistance. Also, Ivan monitors the entire portfolio performance reporting and oversees the electricity market scenarios for fiscal budget exercises.

Aside from Enerlogix, Ivan has spent nine years in Academia, where he has held several positions. He is currently a professor of quantitative methods in the postgraduate course at the Faculty of Economics (UNAM). Ivan has received international recognition for his studies of social phenomena with quantitative methodologies (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2015), as well as several collaborations in scientific papers in international arbitration journals (several years).

Ivan previously worked at the Ministry of Economy (SE, 2016-2018) and at the Center for Modeling and Economic Forecasting (CEMPE, 2013-2016) conducting analysis using macroeconomic data. Thus far, he has 10+ years of experience in numerical methodologies oriented to the exploration and resolution of problems across several areas.

MEM Migration Coordinator Carlos Montiel

Carlos has a B.S. in Economics from the Banking and Commercial School and a Probability and Statistics diploma from the Faculty of Sciences at UNAM. Carlos also completed a graduate program in the unique program of specializations in economics at UNAM, obtaining a degree as a specialist in economic theory with honors.

During his graduate studies, Carlos was appointed an intern at the Institute of Economic Research at UNAM, participating in research on population, social security, and employment through the analysis of surveys and microdata.

Since August 2017, Carlos has been a member of Enerlogix, starting as an intern to help the analysis department, and later took on the role of coordinator of migrations to the MEM. Carlos has currently migrated over 80 high and medium voltage load centers in various regions of the country. His main function is to coordinate the electrical adjustments to comply with the settlement and TIC manuals, as well as manage and lead connection contract requests to the National Energy Control Center (CENACE).

Due to his more than 80 migrated load centers, Carlos has been to develop a close relationship with various areas of CFE Distribution, Transmission, and regional and national control offices of CENACE.

Manager of Client Services Sandra Lopez

Sandra earned a degree in Graphic Design at the Centro Universitario Grupo Sol in 2015. Also, in 2015 Sandra completed a Business Administration and Visual Arts certification at Arca Mexico.

At the end of 2015, Sandra joined Enerlogix Solutions. Sandra's first served as an analyst, developing savings estimations for companies interested in the deregulated market. Sandra current position is manager of client services. In this role, Sandra works hand in hand with our clients in their processes with the Energy Regulatory Commission, getting them certified as a Qualified User which enables them to migrate to the Wholesale Electricity Market. Sandra has successfully completed Qualified User registration for all of our clients. To date, Sandra has handled over 150 Qualified User Registrations. She is perhaps the person who has completed the most Qualified User registrations currently in the MEM.

Commercial Manager Hugo de la Rosa

Hugo graduated from the University of Nuevo Leon in 2012 with a degree in Electronics and Automation Engineering. Hugo begins his experience in the energy industry from his first involvement, in the oil & gas services industry, working for Schlumberger, entering the development program to become a field engineer, specializing in measurements and drilling. Hugo spent a year at the Sugarland Learning Center in Houston Texas, and later became a crew leader in the shallow and deep-water oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, South and Central America.

After this experience, Hugo focused on developing his skills within the energy sector, obtaining certifications in Electrical Installations and Renewable Energies. These actions lead him to enter the renewable energy sector in 2016 in Monterrey Mexico, a photovoltaic project developer company called Energon Solar, where Hugo participated as leader of the Commercial and industrial projects area until 2022. Hugo was involved in the development of more than 50 MW of installed capacity of solar projects.

Hugo was an active member of ASOLMEX (Mexican Solar Energy Association) and ANES (National Solar Energy Association) and participated in consultations with the industry by the CRE and CENACE from 2019 to 2022.
In 2022, Hugo joined Enerlogix Solutions, as a sales manager within the commercial team. Hugo brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to Enerlogix, where he provides customers and large energy users with the best energy solutions for each of them.

Business Development Marino Córdova

Marino earned a Bachelor of Economics from UNAM´s Faculty of Higher Studies Aragon in 2015. Additionally, Marino studied International and Financial Economics in 2016 and 2017. Marino has three years of experience in government auditing in the Superior Audit of the Chamber of Deputies Federation, one year doing fiscal policy research and two years doing statistic work for the Ministry of Education of the Federal District.

As an "A" level Auditor, Marino carried out different tasks such as analysis, contract review, contracting processes to assess acquiring, leasing, or contracting services, contracting process validation. Marino also performed several reviews in compliance with SAT, the Ministry of Health (SS), the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the Center for Research and Innovation in Information Technologies and Communication (INFOTEC).

Related to the industry Marino participated in the financial and budget reviews for the National Center for Natural Gas Control (CENAGAS), validating the contracting process and its alignment with the current regulations of the 2016 public account.

In 2019 Marino joined Enerlogix Solutions as a technical analyst. Currently, Marino holds a position in business development, in which he provides clients with multiple services such as financial analysis, technical support, audits and monitoring of contracted products, projection and consumption adjustments.

Market Operations & Business Services Manager Martin Felix

Martin Felix is a professional in the energy sector with experience in key account management, contract management, and energy regulation in Mexico. Martin graduated as a Sustainable Development Engineer in 2019 and has continued his education with a diploma in The Regulation of the Power Sector from the Florence School of Regulation and a master's degree in Energy Management from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla.

During his time at Iberdrola Mexico, Martin was part of a multidisciplinary team that oversaw the migration process of the largest private power grid in the country, serving the most iconic companies in Monterrey, and was directly involved in the management before the CRE, CENACE, and CFE. Martin also managed Legacy and LIE contracts for electricity and steam for more than 60 MW and collaborated with local governments in the development of GHG inventories.

Martin joined Enerlogix Solutions in 2022 as market manager, where he interacts with Qualified Suppliers to request the best commercial and contractual conditions for the company's clients. With his experience in the energy sector, Martin is committed to providing the company's clients with competitive advantages and budgetary certainty in their electricity needs.

Managing Member, CEO/President Paul Ross

Prior to the launch of Enerlogix Solutions in June of 2014, Paul Ross acted as CEO and consultant for Acumen Energy Solutions, Inc. for four years in a turn- around role for a bank and private equity group. This ended in a successful sale of company in 2014.

Paul has thirty-six years of experience managing early-stage growth, turn-around and work-out opportunities with closely held, private companies and banks. Mr. Ross has turned long-standing relationship in the world of venture and private equity investing into sector specific “co-investment” opportunities.

Since 1988, he has served as the Chairman and CEO of a private holding company that has focused its investing efforts on industries as energy, (over $800 million in M&A, E&P assets) manufacturing, trucking, and professional sports. Paul served eight years as head of the finance committee/executive committee for the Arena Football League, (AFL).

Before starting the holding company, Mr. Ross formed Kensington Resources, Inc. to participate in the oil and gas industry and it continues today after 32 years. Before this, Paul worked for Arthur Andersen in the public accounting sector.

Mr. Ross obtained a B.S.-Accounting from the University of Tulsa and a Certificate of Master Studies in the international Finance and Economics from the Centre Universitat Salzburg, now SMBS, University of Salzburg Business School and Co-Sponsored with the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Management Committee Member Doug MacGregor

Doug is an adjunct professor of Computer Science at Western Colorado University where he teaches cybersecurity. Doug began his career designing microprocessors where he was awarded 24 patents and an award-winning IEEE paper. He then moved to Japan to pursue his doctoral where he founded Solbourne Computer as a joint venture with Matsushita building Sun compatible servers and workstations. Doug joined Dell Computer where he was responsible for the worldwide desktop business, after which he ran procurement, then he ran the worldwide notebook business. Doug spent two years as a research fellow at Harvard Business School focused on organizational behavior. Doug participated in angel investing for a number of years prior to semi-retiring and joining Western Colorado University.

Doug received a BA from University of Maryland, an MS in Computer Science from University of Illinois, a PhD from Kyoto University, and an MS in Cybersecurity from Johns Hopkins University. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Management Committee Member Michael Harris

Michael currently works in Unified Energy Services as Chief Executive Officer, from Houston.

He created and manages the national energy brokerage house including procurement services for electricity, natural gas, demand response and energy efficiency initiatives. Michael also manages relationships with Carlyle Group, Platinum Equities, Gores Group, Centerbridge Partners and nearly 50% of the top 25 private equity funds in the world.

Michael also was in Integrys (WPS) Energy Services as Senior Account Executive in December 2005, Opened Texas (ERCOT) retail electricity service provider market for WPS Energy Services, which became Integrys Energy Services after the acquisition of Peoples Energy and Managed and transacted with all broker/consultant relationships in Texas.

In the same way, Michael worked in CONSTELLATION NEWENERGY as Senior Business Development Manager, HMC PARTNERS, as Principal Consultant, and ENRON CORPORATION (multiple business units) as Director of Business Development. In Atlanta Michael worked for the company SOUTH CITY MANAGEMENT as Director of Sales and Marketing in March 1994 and in January 1993 as Principal, directed the opening of Atlanta office in THE JUPITER MUSIC COMPANY.

Founding Member Monte Mickle

Monte Mickle is an energy industry executive who has spent most of his professional career involved in business development. He has been known for building and managing successful teams and organizations in the retail power sector having held key leadership positions at Constellation NewEnergy and ConEdison Solutions. As a founding partner of Enerlogix Solutions, Monte has worked extensively in Mexico to build the Enerlogix brand to what today is widely accepted as Mexico’s leading energy management services company.

Having lived and worked in Mexico for over 25 years, Monte speaks and writes Spanish fluently, which allows him to successfully interact in business and social situations on both sides of the border.

Founding Member Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey is a Mexican businessman and politician. A native of Nuevo Casas Grandes, he grew up in a large family of agribusinesses in Northwest Chihuahua, Mexico. After graduating in International Relations from Brigham Young University (Utah) in 1982, Jeffrey returned to Mexico as a businessman during the hyperinflationary era of the 1980s, frustrated by government monetary policies. This led to a 12-year career in politics. At the federal level, he has served as Deputy (1997–2000), Senator (2000-2006), and Undersecretary of Agribusiness Development (2006–2009). With this experience he made excellent contacts in government circles.

Jeffrey’s focus at the Secretary of Agriculture was on developing forward market planning and financing. He is a defender of open markets and their crucial role in the development of any nation. Not only is Jeffrey fluent in English and Spanish, but he is bicultural, so he works comfortably on either side of the border, having been a promoter for many years of greater integration between North and Central America. Jeffrey thinks that the region has resources that complement each other and that they must work together to project and maintain, in the foreseeable future, the most competitive and prosperous region in the world. He has now returned to the private sector where he works as a consultant and Executive Advisor for Business Affairs at Enerlogix Solutions.


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